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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book Apollo Maxi Taxi Service Near You?

Use a Apollo Maxi Taxi to get there in style. There are several ways to book a taxi with Apollo Maxi Taxi up to 7 days in advance, such as:

  • Book online through our website -Take care of one or more bookings at the same time. A service that is easy to use anywhere.
  • Call the number we gave you. Call us at 1300528533.
  • You only need to tell us where to pick you up, where to drop you off, and what service you want.

What are the benefits of a Apollo Maxi Taxi?

  • Professional Drivers:
    Highly skilled and trained Wavcabs Taxi Drivers, Fully endorsed with advanced training and Ensures a superior level of service and expertise.
  • Big fleet:
    Covers various areas across Australia and Provides convenient and accessible transportation options.
  • Luxury cars:
    Modern and stylish luxury vehicles for a comfortable journey.
  • Safe travel:
    Top priority is the safety of both passengers and Drivers.
  • Regularly serviced vehicles:
    Luxury cars undergo regular servicing and inspections for high standards of vehicle maintenance. This Ensures reliability and minimizes the risk of mechanical issues.

What does a Apollo Maxi Taxi Service Cost?

When you book a car with the Wavcabs app, you will get a Price Guarantee. That means you’ll know your fare before you get on. If you book online, you’ll get an idea of the fare. What you’re told is what you’ll pay. Our Wavcabs are also listed with taxi subsidy programmes.

Are Apollo Maxi Taxi services more expensive?

Apollo Maxi Taxi service are not expensive though they provide service which is high in standard dissimilar to any other taxi service in Sydney.

What vehicles are offered by Apollo Maxi services?

Apollo Maxi Taxi gives our clients the best luxury car experience. Our fleet shows our excellent commitment. Our selected cars are no older than three years and feature the newest automotive technology and design.
Apollo Maxi Taxi will take you in a premium car that meets your choice. Our commitment to maintaining a fleet of top-tier cars ensures that every mile you travel is remarkable.
Our quality automobiles will enhance your travels.

Is Apollo Maxi Taxi ready to give me a ride?

Apollo Maxi Taxi operate 24×7 and are ready to deliver service anytime, anywhere in Sydney City. Just give us a call let us know your pickup, drop locations and yes we will be there for you.